Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vision from the Heart: The tale of a blind girl.

Hello everyone. My name is blueshogun, and I'm creating a blog about all the crazy, and yet wonderful dreams I have! Since I usually dream a lot, and my dreams are usually rather unusual, I thought "why not share them with the world"? I mean really, I'm sure that there's at least one person who could get some joy out of this ^^

Okay, this is going to be my very first post (duh) and it's about a dream I had last night. I titled this dream "Vision from the Heart" for reasons that will become apparent when you read the story. It's about a blind girl with a pure heart that went through lots of trouble to find me after 8 years. I enjoyed this dream so much, I had to type it and save a copy to my hard drive so that I'll never forget a dream as vivid and epic as this!

"Once again, I’ve had yet another romantic dream. Unlike most others, this one was much more vivid than any other I’ve had for a very long time (not since the one where I unknowingly married a 10 year old). This one was so good; I just had to type it out so I’ll never forget it!

As usual, my dream starts off not making any sense at all. Things like riding the bus to some both unknown and crazy location and finding a broken net-book that I wanted to fix up for my mom this Mother’s Day, driving down a highway only to come up to a sharp turn created by construction workers with no warning signs, then crashing into a concrete barricade and my former co-worker who was in the car nearly died, and other stuff I can’t seem to remember. The topic of my dreams tends to change randomly and usually never has any connection with what else is going on. But at the end of that dream, the event just felt beyond real.

It all started as I was re-united with this blind girl during a sunset on a cloudless day. Have you ever noticed in some dreams; you have memories of events that never actually happened in real life? Well, in this dream, I had met this girl before when she was younger and we were friends. As far as I could tell, the girl was always blind and never actually seen me in her life. We got along very well and I really enjoyed playing and talking with her. In fact, we were inseparable, and I felt very close to her. If my memory serves me right, we were separated for 8 years before we became reunited.

The funny thing is how we crossed paths again. It was a completely random thing as I was trying to open a tool shed and she comes out of nowhere and finds me. When I saw her, I instantly knew who she was. It was the little blind girl I used to play with regularly 8 years ago, only now, she wasn’t a little girl anymore. She was [practically] all grown up standing 6 feet tall, and she was absolutely gorgeous (in her own way, not that overrated and totally tired movie star/super model look either)! My guess is that she was looking for me for a long time. Even though she had managed to find me, she didn’t know exactly where I was standing. What I was doing at the time was trying to get this lock open even though I didn’t have the key. So I was trying to pick the lock, but was having difficulty. Even worse, my glasses were broken and the lenses fell out (at the time of writing, my glasses are broken and I need new ones). Somehow, she manages to get the lock open in much less time then I had wasted with my own efforts.

After getting the tool shed open she walks in wondering where I am. I’m guessing she thought I was trapped inside the tool shed and came to my rescue. After calling her to let her know I wasn’t in the tool shed, she quickly runs out and embraces me tightly. Her touch felt so warm and comforting, I didn’t want to let her go, ever. But of course, one cannot be locked in each other’s arms forever. Her smile was as lovely and gentle as sunlight itself and she had beautiful eyes that were as lustrous as pure silver. She was also wearing a lovely pink jacket with fur around the hood and sleeves, a lovely dress, and some really nice leather high heel shoes made from multi coloured square patches of leather that had colours that were shades of green, yellow, red and brown; similar to that of leaves on a tree during the middle of the fall season. Needless to say, she was well dressed and her straight, auburn coloured hair was well groomed. Was she really looking this good just for me? Not bad for someone who can’t actually see what she’s wearing.

Another thing I found remarkable about her was her ability to instantly recognize voices from nearly 10 years ago and it was if she had the ability to lock on to my position at all times with her exceptionally great ears. This dream led me to this conclusion. Even though she could not see my physical appearance with her natural eyes, she must have formed a mental image of me using her heart instead. Clearly, it takes more than a set of eyes to see one’s heart thoroughly from the inside out.

Judging by her character, attitude, maturity, and the fact that she went through all this trouble to find me led me to believe that she had at one point managed to cope with her blindness and use it to her advantage. She had my complete and total admiration for this and more. This girl was the perfect example of the saying “true love is blind”.

From the memories I did have of, she was always the sweetest little girl I’ve ever known. And now that she is an adult, I saw that she hadn’t changed at all, but only for the better if any. She had every quality I would look for in a potential wife. From that point on, I felt as if I was hit by 100 of cupid’s arrows! I was in love. The thought of having a wife that was also my best friend so the romance and excitement in our relationship would never die was beyond exciting. At that very moment, I was willing to commit my entire life to taking good care of her, ensuring the best of her well being, catering to her every need, and protecting her from harm and danger. Absolutely no sexual thoughts came to mind, at all. In my opinion, this is the true loving nature every man should have. At one point, these feelings were quite common, now it has sadly become a rarity.

Then her dad appears and puts his arm around his daughter’s shoulder. He begins to speak about how her daughter was determined to find me, how much she appreciated her, and all the good things she used to say about me. As her dad continued with his speech, she continued to smile at me with those silver eyes glistening in the back of my mind like newly minted silver dollars. Those eyes never glanced away from me for a minute and so far, I was doing the same. The sunset seemed to bring out the colours of both her clothes, shoes and eyes. I was trying to listen to her father speak, but it was difficult not to let his words go in one ear and out the other because I was so in love with this woman and it appeared that I already had his blessing and possibly wanted me to be her husband.

That was a great dream. The worst part of it was the fact that I woke up. After I awoke, I thought to myself for a while. What if something like this were to happen in real life? How would I react? Would I give love another chance?

But, what are the chances…?"

TBH, I stopped considering myself to be the romantic type person for years now and stopped believing in love a long time ago because having 17+ years of bad experiences with women will leave some visible damage on any man. Maybe this dream is trying to tell me something. Who knows? Only time will tell.


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